TellusMagna begins with Pedro, Juan y Mercedes, this connects not only a friendship but also the passion for olive oil, a special project, which could have been developed slowly thanks to their enthusiasm and individual responsibility. Their aim is not only to transmit the high quality of a so natural and ancient fruit, but also to contribute to the high demand of a market eager for products made with dedication and care.

TellusMagna, is an independent brand that is based on clear principles: quality, tradition and authenticity. It would like to be dynamic, pleasing, many-sided, smart and particularly unique; with the only purpose of presenting the best of an elaborate and special olive oil.



It is the wish for change, after search and discovery, which allows us to grow continuously and firmly. Thereby, the creative dissatisfation helps us to react to our surroundings in a suitable and functional way.



A good oil is based on a healthy tree and the firm decision to look after our products – namely from this tree as far as the consumer.



For us is crucial to adapt such a top-quality product to new times and circumstances and to transmit its unusual qualities.

The name TellusMagna chosen as brand not only because it declares the deep commitment and respect that mother earth and tradition deserve, but it reflects also the character of our product.
  • “Tellus”  means earth, ground, country, rootedness, and ownership.
  • “Magna”  means great, important.

All this makes that it becomes such a fine olive oil, capable of bringing everything it goes with its highest flavour.

The Bottle

TellusMagna would like to perform a quite crucial contribution that reflects our corporate identity: being conscious of the importance of representing identity, through a daily object or product such as our olive oil bottle.

Qualities such as simplicity, naturalness, elegance, and smart appearance are held out inside our corporate emblem through the capital letters T and M, and these letters just stand for TellusMagna – a refine olive oil.

Composition, colour, and type font have been designed in the bottle in order to achieve a visual coherence through an interesting, remarkable, and warm combination as far as our company quality’s high standards.

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